Documentary in the news

December 18, 2000
Editorial: Minnesota River - TV documentary of a 'contaminated brew'
Minneapolis Star Tribune

December 28, 1999
Documentary produced at UMM explores Minnesota River Basin ... to be on TV
Morris Sun-Tribune

Quotes from Viewers

Steve Hansen, Executive Director,
Minnesota River Basin Joint Powers Board

"Minnesota: Rivers and Fields offers a fresh and honest perspective of how agricultural can co-exist with environmental quality. The series moves one through cultural, historical, climatological, economic, social, technological and philosophical aspects of the community of the Minnesota River basin. This series is a must see for anyone interested in leaving a healthy economic and environmental legacy for our children to enjoy."

Lynn Lokken, Executive Director
CURE (Clean Up our River Environment)

"Minnesota: Rivers and Fields is one of the most educational pieces I have seen in years. It shows all walks of life and the challenges we face as we try to make a living and yet maintain the integrity of the bountiful Minnesota River valley.I especially enjoyed the segment that points out the importance of citizen involvement and building awareness through educational and recreational activities!"

Rev. Jerry Hankins

"Minnesota: Rivers and Fields is an incredible resource. The issues addressed are most pertinent to the region and beyond. The series covers important aspects of the region that even long-term residents of the area don't think about, but should. This is a great educational piece, helpful to introducing the area to newcomers, for classrooms in high schools and institutions of higher education, for chambers of commerce and church organizations and other community groups.Those who supported the project are to be commended for their foresight in backing such an ambitious endeavor and which came off so well. Much thanks goes to all those whose names appear on the credits of each and all segments and particularly to those who had the vision to begin the project, believed in it and saw it through to completion."